Tourmaline for your Heart

As we approach the darkest day of the year, I feel the need to get into hibernation mode…. This often creates an internal battle as it is such a busy time of year, but all I really want to do is lounge in PJ’s, a blanket wrapped around my shoulders, slippers, tea in hand and someone to snuggle….. This will come soon as I get to take some time off once the Holidays come 😉

From many conversations that I have had over the last few weeks… there is a lot of change, uncertainty and fear that is lingering in the air…. So much anticipation with what will happen next…..Now, more than ever is the time to connect with the heart. The heart is where we deeply thrive, connect and heal.  It can also be where we hide from…. Sometimes deep feelings hurt, or are a scary place….

But even on a more shallow depth, we can be in our heart with everyday movement and interactions…. At the grocery store, on the road, with every encounter….

As time moves fast towards the darkest day of the year, I wanted to share some light with you.

Come to my last Open House of the year !


Sunday December 11th from 11-4pm

At the Woodland Studio!

245606 22 sideraod, Meaford, ON N4L-0A7

                                           GPS Coordinates: 44.625694N 80.655597W






These are just a few Opal Wing Creations that are waiting for someone special to take them home!!!

Sending so much LOVE out there into the world!!!


SO this is a crazy time of year… If you are maker, you know what it feels like as Christmas approaches…..rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off, can’t sleep as your to do list dances around your head at night, sore back, hands, fingers….

Even if you aren’t a maker… Its for some reason still a crazy time of year…

I am going to try to keep this short and sweet…. First and Foremost…. WOW did you see the moon this week? It was incredible with a strong and powerful energy… I felt really energized in the studio in the moonlight…. taking breaks from polishing.

and Tonight….. the Coyotes were so loud, I could here them from the studio, above my music…. They were so wild, it sounded as if I was surround by huge pack that had just found dinner….

I also wanted to touch a wee bit on last week… I know it was a doozy of a week, but I wanted to remind everyone that it is only ourselves that we really have control over, so lets be in LOVE not FEAR.

There are only two places that we can come from in our actions…. Love or fear.


In this spirit, I managed to create a pretty diverse amount of work for our upcoming show, in Guelph this weekend.

Fair November.

Lots of Opals, Jaspers, Drusys, Tiffany Stone and so much more!!

Do come out to visit if you can this weekend!!

I would love to see you!

Here are some teasers…


Off to bed!! Hope to see some of you this weekend!!!

Sweet Souls:

Watching the wind in the trees shakes the inner most part of my soul.

Feeling the turmoil, the gusts, the flow and the dance.

What a lesson. Fall is such a sacred deep time. I always see it as a journey within. So many emotions, so much release.


The trees transition gracefully.. They bare their souls, their bones and pull their life source deep within their trunks.

I am not sure I totally understood the transition and emotion of Autumn until I watched the trees and listened.

I too bare my soul in every piece that a make.

I am like a Tree. Wild, Strong, transitioning, growing and flowing.img_2425

Bare Branches. Soul Exposed. Pure Connection.


So this Weekend…

Come and Visit the Woodland’s Studio First Annual Fall Open House!!!

22nd Side road is looking magnificent and so is the work inside the studio.



I am feeling deeply nourished by the turmoil of the weather and winds with the rich nourishing colours of the trees….


The Woodland Studio is located at:

245606 22 sideroad

Meaford, ON


GPS Coordinates: 44.625694N 80.655597W

I also wanted to note that I know the Etsy has not been updated in a while…

don’t worry! Work is coming…. I needed to spend the summer building and growing in our new home. We were sooo busy setting up at markets and work sold faster than I could make it (great problem to have) but I am now in a flow and groove up here. A steady flow of work is soon to come…

If ever you see a piece posted here or elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Here are some sneak peeks from our incredible late summer photoshoot which will be the building blocks for our transformation and new website coming this winter. Valerie Boulet is the mastermind behind this shoot, and Kara Davison is the Beauty adorned in Opal Wing Creations.




So much change, so much excitement.

That’s it for now.

I hope to see or hear from you soon!!

Sending so much love and Gratitude out there


Opal Wing is on FIRE

Hello Dearests!!

Sometimes, I just LOVE rainy days!

I am going to keep this short and sweet..

I just pulled a 10 hr day in the studio and am feeling fantastic!

There are certain days where things just flow… Where pieces come together in my hands as if the stones are dancing in my fingers…

Here are some sneak peaks for the show this weekend… I am in LOVE with them all and dreaming of the homes they will fly home to.

I will write more soon…







Harvest Equinox Creating

Happy Equinox Dearests!

So much to share. So much to celebrate.

Been basking in the magical soul moments with beautiful voices and music. Moments alone where my hands create and my mind travels.

If only I could stay up all night. If only I didn’t have to eat or sleep.

Stones speak to be. They Heal me.

I want to connect with everything. Everyone.

Raw moments. Real moments.

Being present.

I will.

I feel like I am in the calm before the storm.

The storm being lots and lots of shows and facilitating kids, food, drop offs… sanity. or I should say Insanity.

For those of you who don’t know Opal Wing Creations will be coming back to the Glen for 4 days next week!!

So exciting!!

I will be in the Parkside room of the Williams Mill for 4 days

September 29th-October 2nd

Please come by and say, I will also be featuring some beautiful new pieces!!

This will be the perfect time to put in your custom orders for this year as well as enjoy a great selection of new work!

Please see the flyer below!!

Also for those Georgian Bay Locals, I will be participating in the Collingwood Art Crawl this Saturday at Coriander, Downtown Collingwood from 6-10pm


Here is a little Sneak Peek in the Rough of whats to come!!

What’s that you see?

Opal Wing Creations Finally has it’s own Stamp!!!

There is a lot of excitement to come including some pics from out latest photoshoot which was incredible!!!

Anyways, It’s time for me to Sleep. Apparently I can’t function without it 😉

Can’t wait to connect with you all this Fall!

Sending Love


Watching the bay’s waters flow….. waves crash…. They give and they take.

Wild woman offering release, wisdom, magic.

Last night I sat by the waters with a dear soul, a dear wild woman.

washing carrots, washing the day away.

These waters. These women.

So blessed.

Screech owl came to visit.

Wild Woman Medicine.

Clairvoyance. Wisdom. Magic.

How did she know what I needed?

What my soul was crying our for in the silence of my everyday.

Nights in this magical space give way for healing and creating.

This is what I offer:






Dearests  Sweet Souls:

I am trying to get online more. Somehow It’s not happening.

Basking in the quiet moments outside fills my soul. Time with children, time in nature. Green Moss, Bathing in Spider webs as I walk along the trails.



Filling my cup…. A cup that feels almost emptied everyday.

Gratitude is a fine science, one must stay focused and determined to stay with it. Always, letting it be part of every moment.

Some days its easy, some days it’s not.

I am always Grateful.


I am still in my honeymoon phase up here in Georgian Bay. I revel in the beauty of where I live daily. I am getting used to finding bear scat and tracks on my daily walks. The Glistening of the blue waters on the bay brighten my soul no matter what.

The escarpment blows my mind. Just the other day I found coral fossils in my garden. My garden which used to be the bottom of an ancient ocean, full of wild and wonderful creatures…. What!!?


Like I said. Blows my mind.

SO many words, so many dreams… If I could only share them all.

The Summer has been busy. Markets and Festivals and Fun.

Fresh food, Music, Bonfires and lots of sand between my toes.

I have lots of new work slowly working into being…. For those of you we had the honour of connecting with this summer, It was soooooo good to see you.

Thank you all for supporting our wild ventures and creations. Thank you for supporting a vision and a lifestyle that was dreamt and manifested decades ago.

For those who I get to connect with online, I wish I could give you a REAL hug.  I feel our connections. I feel your love and your soul shining through. That is one the most wondrous things about the internet… It is somehow possible to feel emotion and soul connections through the words typed. Love travels and is felt even through wires!

I have lots of news and events for this fall. My long lasting silences are moments of manifestation and creations that you will all soon understand!

For now, I want to share some my favourites from the summer…

Soul soothing beauties. Created for you.





Have a Beautiful Day!