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How the World seems to have changed since the last time I wrote on these pages….

Sometimes one must retreat, cocoon and rest.

Spring is here and this butterfly has morphed.

I feel like so many layers have been shed this winter… I have some stories, some wild and crazy stories, some that I will one day share, just not today.

Today I want to talk about a simple yet profound concept

that seems to be at risk these days.

Being Human.

Yes, we are simply human.

We need air, water, food and shelter to live, but we need love, community, support and healing in order to thrive.

We need each other. More than ever these days.

Social media seems to excite yet isolate us more and more…. external 3 dimensional pressures, working, paying bills, listening or not listening to the news…..

this all weighs in.

I feel it folks. Do you?

What can we do, what can we empower ourselves with?

We can connect with each other, support each other, we can cry, be vulnerable, be seen and most importantly we can love.

We can embrace our imperfections,

touch those hard to reach and painful places within our souls

screaming out to be heard.

We can hold space for one another.

Not just humans, but winged beings, finned beings, water beings, tree beings, plant beings and fured beings. We are just another one of the earth’s majestic creatures and we can let our light shine bright. Make it count.

For me, this means being present. Fully present in my surroundings and especially with my family. This means floating in and out of this cyber space we have grown so comfortable with. This means, walking in the woods, understanding that we are all connected. Understanding that what we do and say to others, we do and say to ourselves.

I am really just beginning to fully understand it’s impact.

I am humbled. I give thanks each and every day.


Let yourself be seen. Try it.

Let yourself be heard. Be brave. Say what you feel and don’t shy away.

It’s time.

There is no more space left in this world for anything else.

Soon, I will be launching a whole new line of work. A deep and meaningful collection of pieces that speak loudly to what my soul has to share. I want you to know that we need each other, we need this earth and we need to embrace this NOW.


Our kids need this.

Let us rejoice everyday, even if it’s for one single piece of beauty we have seen, heard, smelt, felt, touched or tasted.


We must shift our view and see the gifts in the everyday. Trust me, I know this can be a struggle, God knows, but Love, Gratitude and Humility can be truly Transforming.

Until next time, be well and Be Human.

no apologies.

in Love



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Captivating title right?

Well this is what my days have looked like lately…

Everything and nothing all at the same time.

Closing the studio in the Glen amidst this year long transition and change has triggered so many aspects within me.

Who could have known?

Creative overflow, tears, trust, regret, fear, nostalgia, bliss, gratitude and total despair…

All in one woman you ask? All at the same time?

Why yes indeed… If you ran into me anytime in the last few weeks, you either caught me in tears, elated or just plain and simply very confused.

Being a mama or two, running a household, fulfilling a dream and keeping food on the table… That’s what I have been up to. It’s not easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is where the woodpecker comes in….

Yesterday, in one of my irrational “What have I done”moments, I heard someone knocking on my door…. Thinking it was the babysitter, or a neighbour, I opened the door and nobody was there…. Well, not a person anyhow….

So here was a gorgeous great spotted woodpecker, just prancing up the tree beside my studio…. I looked at him/her and they flew away… That was odd….

And then flood gates opened. I started to re-root and realize that all I have to do is listen…

Why do I get myself in such a fuss and worry so much?

Here is nature, literally knocking at my door…

And what do Woodpeckers have to say?

Well plenty!!!

They are believed to be mother earth’s drummers…. The heartbeat.

The reminder. trust your intuition…

We are all part of her.


I sometimes forget that I am not in control of everything in constant parenting mode and multi-tasking mode, where every event, and I mean everything needs to be calculated on some scale for how long it will take, what priority is it, and whether I actually have time to get into it….

Perspective. I see it now.

I try to always live in gratitude as I know I am blessed…. Oh, I am blessed, but sometimes the imminence of my daily routines and responsibilities just wear me down….

Sooooooo, Here she is…. Just a wee Opal metaphor for my life at the moment, and many others I am certain…. She represents all women and mamas, who fear their fire will die with the daily grind of life. The embers are always there when you are ready to re-kindle… Just be ready for a tear or two 🙂

Deep Heart Fire


Your beauty and abundance still exists, even if you don’t see it.

Your spirit, your fire, they too stay by your side for whenever you are ready to heed their call.

Your pain, your joy all make you the beautiful abundant being that you are.

Your heart beat, is connected with the heart beat of mother earth, always, even if you can’t feel it.

and when you really need the nudge, she sends messengers!

Thank you little woodpecker for coming and knocking on my door. You came at the perfect time!


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