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Spring is Here!
I don’t know about all of you, but all I can say is that 2018 roared in, ruthlessly tearing away anything and everything that was no longer needed in my life. Needless to say, its been a year to draw on strengths, and deep inner connection. This Spring, It has become crystal clear to me what needs to be done in order to move forward…. Surrender and Bloom.
Just as the trees and flowers are doing at the moment, so must I!
I have been spending lots of time in the Woodland studio lately playing with some juicy watermelon tourmalines and other new stones that have come to me. As usual, I have no choice but to listen to them and heed their wisdom and vision.

With New stones, come new pieces and with new pieces there comes shows, pop ups and lots of events in order to share these beauties with you all!!
There are lots or really exciting events coming up that I am happy to share with you!
There will be lot’s of NEW pieces with gorgeous and healing rare gemstones.

We are super excited to share that We are coming back to the Glen this weekend!
Please see details below:

Here are some of the goodies that you will find at our events!!

I would like to take a minute or so to write a little about the Oak Tree and Oak Tree medicine. Since moving up here to Meaford, I have begun a deep and meaningful journey connecting with the trees around me and listing to the wisdom that they have to share. This year, Oak has been screaming loud and clear at me, and this is why you will now find so much oak medicine in these pieces. The Oak Tree has been revered for hundreds of years as one of the most sacred trees. I was not surprised to read that oak trees offer strength, courage and grounding when faced with growth and change. Its such a good reminder that all we really need to do is listen and all that we need will come to us at the right time.

We are so looking forward to seeing you all and connecting again soon!
And Please Remember, Surrender and Bloom!!!

For those beauties that are too far away to come for a wee visit, our etsy shop is still going strong and is changes and is looking better than ever!
Please check it out:


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I’m in that place.

That sacred space.

Where nothing is the same.

Every time I try to do something the way I used to, it doesn’t work.


It all.

No one ever said change was easy, but there is beauty here in the darkness.

Beauty in the unknown.

Rebirth only comes from Death. The end of a cycle, a life, all that once was and is no longer.

Be in the sacred. The moment. Trust and Let go.

There is pain, and there is excitement.

I always like to use water metaphors for where I am in life….

The river.

Constantly flowing, rough, smooth, stagnant and fast…. No use holding on to the edge, resisting.

That is how one drowns.

I am flowing, freely.


Just trusting.

In these moments, I find magic in creation….. My heart is full and empty, but somehow there is so much to say.

The forest holds me. Takes care of me. Helps me to be still and listen.

So here are pieces of these moments. Reflections and manifestations in metal and stone.



Let’s connect. Let’s Love.

Come and see me this weekend at Fair November in Guelph. I am bringing pieces of my heart and soul to share.


The Forest Keeps me. Watermelon Tourmaline


Trust. Black Opal


Heart Medicine. Watermelon Tourmaline


Magic in the Depths. Boulder Opal


Be the Flow. Watermelon Tourmaline


Awaken. Crystal Opal


Be.ing. Boulder Opals


Inner Dance. Fire Opal


The Collective. Tiffany Stone


Rebirth. Yowah Opal

Sweet Dreams


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Dearest Snow Flakes,
Yes, Winter is here….. and some would say that I am crazy with all that I am about to share….
I like to keep busy as most of you know… Although I am trying to connect to the “being” in human being instead of the “doing” that seems to be the norm these days…. especially at this time of year!

As usual I have so much to share, I will have to do it in a few posts…. I have some feasts for the eyes and soul this time….

And a personal legacy.
I would like to share with you first and foremost my second greatest creation:
We welcomed our son, baby Rio at home peacefully and full of LOVE on October 26th 2014

All I can really say is that it was an amazing empowering experience and he is pure magic and joy….


He is my bundle of LOVE


I am ready to share him with the world now. LOL

Before Rio was born, I managed to create many pieces of stone and crystal beauty which I will share with you next post, however I also wanted to share my favourite photographer who we have been working with professionally and personally for almost 10 years… Her work is outstanding…. as you can see above and below.

Christine Hailstone of Lifestone Photography

if you like what you see, you can call or e-mail her for a shoot!!! 647-270-6509  hailstonephoto@hotmail.com

She managed to catch a few glimpses of me in my pregnant glory just one week before Rio’s birth…





A Father's love

Now As a mama of two, life doesn’t look like this anymore….. I am in total LOVE, but I am also Exhausted… I seemed to have forgotten about late night nursing, or I should say nursing around the clock….

There is something completely satisfying about giving another life everything they can possibly need….

We humans are amazing creatures.

Fern is doing well, and loves her little brother….


This brings me to another piece of BIG news bringing some BIG change in our lives…..

We are moving!!!

Up North

In the Winter!

I did mention that I would sound CRAZY!!!

But in all honesty, we are so excited….

Meaford will be our new home. We will be living on the Escarpment, in the woods, steps from the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay….. A dream come true.


This will be our new home and eventually home of Opal Wing Creations….

I will be keeping the studio in Glen Williams for now, to ease transition, however the garage will slowly be renovated into my woodland studio.

The studio in Glen Williams will still in open, so please come by…. There are some LOVELY pieces created in this wonderful time of creative courage….

Change isn’t always easy, and although everything looks just dreamy and pure magic (which it is)

there is much emotion, fear and work behind it all…. I mean who would post photos of a mama in the last phases of transition in labour???  So sharing the fruits of labour seems to be where its at in the meantime….

Stay tuned for some lovely pieces of labradorite, opal, variscite, ammonite and many beauty stone beauties….



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I am in transition and inner space… but I am still here….

Its been sooo long since I have visited these pages.

Life is full of vibrant change, busyness and true joy of motherhood…

Dear Fern is already 20 months old… her favourite animals are horses and elephants and she LOVES shoes… (oh dear) LOL

The studio has been hopping and in full creative bloom….

My muses, Mexican Fire Opal.

Soft, Ethereal, Colourful, Full of Depth and Fire… Yearning, dancing, glowing.

Behold some of the new….

and many more to come

IN love



Joyous dance with Deep Mexican Fire opal - size 6 $345

Joyous dance with Deep Mexican Fire opal – size 6 $345


Woodland Fire With Mexican Fire Opal $295


soft embrace with Matrix Mexican Fire Opal


Organic Bliss Mexican Fire Opal from Queretero $257


Off the Branch with Mexican Fire Opal Matrix $235


Light of MY LIFE

Light of MY LIFE

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